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MY COMPANY CHAPLAIN serves a variety of local North Texas industries.  When our team partners with your team, a bond of help, hope and heart become the mainstays of your corporate culture. Our goal is to support your company’s mission to be the employer of choice. Through our unique modular program system we provide coaching, mentoring, and resources to build your staff on a personal and professional level.



OUR VISION as industrial chaplains is to provide a wide variety of services that make us an  indispensable   part of your core team.  We are committed to helping you create a corporate culture that strengthens your company's vision, mission and values.  By sharing in the daily lives of your staff we are  able to facilitate professional development and address personal needs that staff members may not share in the work setting. 


OUR MISSION is to “serve other’s with passion and excellence”. Promoting a positive work environment, heightened morale, and increased performance are what drive us.  Studies show that companies providing chaplain leadership reduce absenteeism, lower employee turnover and reap the rewards of loyalty, good will and better productivity.   




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