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Many Companies use chaplains as an adjunct to their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as well as privately held firms wishing to implement a spiritual dimension to their employess' emotional health and family's well being.  Chaplains add a well rounded variety of "real world" experience as well as clinical and psychological/spiritual support. Take a look at the mainstream companies who utilize chaplain resources, then feel free to contact us.

CASE STUDY: Tyson Foods, Inc.

  • 26 billion dollars in sales 
  • Fortune 100 publicly traded company 
  • 114,000 team members (employees) 
  • Hired 127 chaplains in 251 facilities 
  • Mostly part-time, working 15-20 hours per week 
    (Source: John Tyson, Chairman-CEO, Tyson Foods) 

    RESULTS: Tyson Foods, Inc. 
    “I have no doubt based on story after story as to the program’s human and bottom-line value.” ~ John Tyson, Chairman & CEO, Tyson Foods 

CASE STUDY: Coca-Cola Bottling Company

  • 6,000 employees, publicly traded
  • Contracted with Corporate Chaplains of America 
  • Ran pilot program in Nashville 
  • Employees said they would do with less of other benefits in order to keep the Chaplains! 
  • Impact on EAP: from 8% to 1% participation & EAP will probably be cancelled. 

Currently: 25 Chaplains at 58 sites 
(Source: Robert Pettus, Vice Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottling Co.) 

RESULTS: Coca-Cola Bottling Company 
"All 'objective criteria were positive' and an 'employee riot' was threatened if this benefit was taken away?" ~ Robert Pettus, Vice Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottling Company 

CASE STUDY: American LubeFast 

  • 70 stores, 500 employees
  • Contracted with Marketplace Chaplains, USA 
    (Source: Tim Embry, CEO, American LubeFast) 

    RESULTS: American LubeFast 
    Profits: from breakeven to $1 million 
    Turnover: from 185% to 125% 
    Shrinkage: from 2.5% TO <1% 
    Mission statement was changed as a result of the chaplaincy program 

    “Starting our chaplaincy program was the best thing I have ever done in business.” “An EAP on steroids!”....“LubeFast chaplains are our heroes, every one of them!” ~ Tim Embry, CEO, American LubeFast 

What Companies Are Saying About Chaplains

"We recognized that we needed to try to deal with our employees as whole employees--bodies, mind, and soul. It's been enthusiastically embraced by our employees, primarily because it's completely nonintrusive." ~ Lauren Steele, VP of Corporate Affairs, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

“One of our main goals is to help people be comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. We believe a person doesn’t check their faith at the door when they arrive in the morning.” ~ Daniel Dunnigan, Chairman, Ford Interfaith Network, Ford Motor Co.

"I get more positive appreciation notes for having Mitch [their chaplain] than for any other single thing I've done." ~ Dave Smitson, President of Cummins Mid-States Power, Inc.

"People spend the majority of their working lives here, and I believe that if we recognize their needs and try to create a climate that makes them better people, the byproduct will be better, happier, and more productive associates." ~Patrick Flood, CEO HomeBanc

"Because I realize how tough and tiresome the jobs of our hotel staff can be, I want to give our employees more than just a pay check for their labor. I want to give them even more than my personal care and concern. Now I provide them qualified chaplains they can call on at any time with no tie back to the company; men and ladies they can talk to confidentially, knowing it will not go back to management." ~ John McKibbon, President & CEO, McKibbon Hotel Management, Inc. (45 Properties)

"Our company has been recognized as one of Fortune’s ’Best Companies to Work For’ for the last three years. The chaplain program is a low-cost employee benefit that has gotten us more loyalty than our other ’standard’ benefits and resulted in lower turnover, improved morale and a general sense of ’caring’ on the company’s part about our employees’ well being." ~ David M. Weekley, Chairman of the Board, David Weekley Homes

“One of the most gratifying things about having a chaplain for our employees is watching the changes in their lives as a result of the program. We are in our fifth year of the program and every year it gets better. In my forty years in business this is the only benefit that my employees have ever actually thanked me for and it happens all the time.” ~ Vaughan Dunnavant, Chairman, The Dunmar Companies

“I have no doubt based on story after story as to the program’s human and bottom-line value.” ~ John Tyson, Chairman & CEO, Tyson Foods

“At first our leadership team didn’t think the idea of having a chaplain coming around here was such a good idea; now they are all the biggest cheerleaders of the program. I can recommend the program without reservation.” ~ Tom Vande Guchte, President, Storr Office Environments

“The chaplaincy program has exceeded all of my original expectations. Over the last six years our chaplains at the various terminals have assisted our employees through crisis after crisis. They have even reached out to our customers in times of crisis.” ~ Rob Estes, President, Estes Express Lines

“This is one of the best business decisions we have ever made.” ~David Clark, President, Thomas and Howard

“Our chaplain helps people deal with problems that I don’t know how to fix, and when he does that, people are able to focus more on their jobs and be more productive.” ~ Cecil McCord, President, Garage Doors of Indiana

“Even though we have a very diverse workforce both culturally and educationally, the chaplains who serve our organization blend right in and take care of everyone regardless of their background or beliefs.” ~Dr. Stephen Scott, President, Phy America Physicians Group, Inc.

“Starting our chaplaincy program was the best thing I have ever done in business.”...“An EAP on steroids!”...“LubeFast chaplains are our heroes, every one of them!” ~ Tim Embry, CEO, American LubeFast