My Company Chaplain
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  • Chaplain visitation to patients/families
  • Sacramental Services (i.e. Communion, Worship, etc.)
  • Emergency traumatic care interventions 24/7
  • Grief support
  • Healthcare literacy support (i.e. Hospice, Dialysis, etc.)
  • Evening/Weekend admission support
  • Beareavement support
  • Ethics consults/Ethics committees/Inservices
  • Child/Young adult bereavment support

  • My Company Chaplain, has hospital trained chaplains who give time and attention to your patients needing additional time and support beyond what your nurses, doctors and techs can provide. We offer your medical facility's patients and staff large hospital support for a fraction of the cost. Our Chaplains have a minimum of 1 Certified Pastoral Educational Unit which is a Joint Commission (JACHO) recommendation.